A Message From Hilary

Your search and discovery of finding, cultivating, becoming your true authentic self. Do whatever you need to do to pursue your dreams.

"I’ve had so many people come up to me over my career and say that my coming from a humble beginning and driving to California with my mom with $75 and living out of our car to pursue my dream inspired them to never give up on their dream. It's humbling to have a byproduct of living your dream inspire others. I've also come to realize that one of the most inspiring things to me is when people persevere through adversity.  So I wanted to create something that continues this connection.

Mission Statement is intended to be taken literally:  What’s your Mission Statement? The underlying purpose creating the line was to pay homage to women who have extraordinary ideas, ambition, focus and a love for living a full, authentic life. We want to recognize and encourage women for their strength and ability to not only work towards their fullest potential but who also inspire others to do the same.  I have always had the perspective that women need to look within for the answers that guide them to live their truest most authentic selves, to identify their personal “Mission Statement” and dress for how they want to feel.”

Find quiet time every day. Recenter Yourself. Focus.